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AI Expo announce their 2018 world series with dates confirmed for London, Amsterdam and North Americ

by Anna Fry on

The AI Expo Conference and Exhibition; The AI Expo North America 2017 was a huge success, over 10,500 people attended over the two-day event which focused on AI, IoT and Blockchain. Now they have announced their 2018 world series with further events ... Read full article

Business of Bots 2017 Wrap-up

by Gui Orliac on

Bots at the Business of Bots! Different companies were presenting their solutions ranging from point and focus solutions to more global ones.... Read full article

World’s Leading AI Conference & Expo Arrives in Silicon Valley This Fall


The world’s leading Artificial Intelligence conference and exhibition, AI Expo, arrives in California for the inaugural North America event this fall.... Read full article

Ten Most Important Questions to Ask Before Starting Your AI ChatBot


Congratulations! You're ready to take your business to the next level and create a chatbot.  But with so much chatter out there, how do you know where to start?  Here is a simple list of 10 questions (and answers) which can help guide your company... Read full article

Aflac's duck gets a Messenger chatbot

by Robert Williams on

The Aflac Duck has become an iconic character since the insurance company began featuring it in its advertising in 2000. Since then, it's helped boost brand recognition after appearing in more than 70 commercials... Read full article

The AI Summit San Francisco Wrap-up - It was AMAZING


There was much buzz about chatbots and everything related to “virtual” assistants at the summit.  It seems every company from ZenDesk to Intrprtr has some type of virtual assistant / chatbot in use or development.... Read full article

3 Key Chatbot Trends


Far from simple classification as "conversational commerce" – and a way to save on customer service resources – chatbots will grow ever more sophisticated and relevant in the workplace. ... Read full article

Microsoft Dynamics 365 now offers service chatbots as part of AI push

by Blair Hanley Frank on

Microsoft is tapping the power of AI to provide customers of its Dynamics 365 business applications suite with new features... Read full article

Salesforce adds 3 new Einstein features, unveils AI startup fund

by Blair Hanley Frank on

Salesforce is celebrating the one year anniversary of unveiling the Einstein artificial intelligence capabilities for its products with a new set of three features for users of its Sales Cloud services... Read full article

Live Nation’s Concert Finder Chatbot is Sneakily Brilliant

by Alan Cross on

As we go about our daily lives, we leave a trail of data smog, petabytes and exabytes of zeroes and ones that tell the universe where we’ve been, what we’ve done and where we’re going. Victory goes to those who can interpret this kind of Big Data.... Read full article