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TVGla is a digital creative and marketing agency on the cutting edge of online creative and technological development. We concept, build and design digital advertising campaigns, websites and apps for clients such as Fox, Sony Pictures, Universal Pictures, Paramount, Mattel, HBO and Hard Rock Cafe. *This position is a CONTRACT position expected to go through August. Local candidates available for onsite meetings are preferred. TVGla is seeking a VUI Consultant to help plan, design, document and test voice interaction flows for Amazon Alexa and other conversation-driven interfaces. The consultant should have experience designing Voice User Interface dialogue flows for an Amazon Alexa Skill on the Echo or a similar voice-enabled device. Skills and expertise should include: Ability to create VUI diagrams and conversational scripts showing a clear and complete dialogue flow Great understanding of VUI best practices, as a well as a background in traditional user interfaces Strong experience working with project teams to create/update user interface designs and application maps Excellent understanding of conversation-based devices, especially Amazon Alexa and the Echo family Excellent understanding of the differences between how people talk versus how they read and write Ability to plan friendly voice interfaces using natural language, limited choices, variety and precise meanings Understanding of how to make a voice or conversational application "sticky" for repeated use Excellent grasp of dialogue branches to handle errors, unrecognized utterances, and help requests Full grasp of Alexa skills, flash briefings, invocations, intents, utterances, slots, entities, cards, and sessions Ability to work on-site in our office in Playa Vista for portions of a project that require in-person collaboration Optional plusses: Experience testing Alexa Skills, both in conjunction with QA testers and in actual user tests Experience creating dialogue flows and business rules for chatbots Experience copywriting for voice or conversation-driven applications Understanding of Voice Analytics and voice device market share and growth outlook Experience building an Alexa Skill using the Alexa Skills Kit, and/or using SSML to enhance voice responses


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