FREE On Demand Webinar - Chatbots 2017: Building the Business Case to Launch Your Chatbot


FREE On Demand Webinar! Learn from expert, Ankesh Kumar, CEO of Personic, how to build the use case and business case for launching your chatbot. How do we budget the costs for development, discovery, launch, promotion, and support. What is the Chatbot Lifecycle and how can we optimize our efforts. Brought to you by AI & Chatbot News. Limited registration, get your free seat below. Watch On Demand, Anytime! Get a free Template Business Case for attending. You can use this for your own chatbot to validate the need, understand the economics and convince other stakeholders to embrace your chatbot! Also, all attendees will be entered into drawing for One Ultimate Pass for the upcoming AI Expo North America, in Silicon Valley, Nov. 29-30th, a $1500 value! Sure to be one of the best shows for AI this year. Ankesh Kumar, CEO of Personic, Founder/CEO - We integrate email marketing in Messaging apps. distributing Brand messaging to where the market is moving to, Messaging apps. Founder/CEO Sharetivity - Sharetivity is a content discovery tool for Social Media Managers. We discover the freshest content from the web to inspire social media professionals when they post on their social channels. Principal at Product To Market Fit - Consulting services for early stage start-up's to ensure their product meets the market needs. We reach out to prospects, early adopters to gain their input, which can help to guide product direction. Watch On Demand, Anytime! About Personic: Personic is a pioneer in the area of Chatbots. Chatbots will be the most powerful way that Brands will connect and communicate with their audience. This two-way communication allows Brands to have a particular voice and build an emotional connection with their audience. Personic’s unique and proprietary technology leverages the existing email marketing programs to move that channel from a one way push into the inbox, to a two way conversation into Messaging apps. Moderator and Panelists: • Moderator: Rick Diamond, CEO of AI & Chatbot News • Speaker: Ankesh Kumar, CEO of Personic Press Release:

Thu September 21, 2017 12:00 pm To: Fri - September 21, 2018
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