ON-DEMAND How to build an AI Chatbot-for business professionals (non-technical)


Almost every Fortune 500 company is developing their chatbot strategy. Don’t get left behind. AI could generate $65 billion in operational cost savings annually, according to BI Intelligence. Chatbot development for the business and marketing minded professional. How the chatbot ecosystem is evolving and answers to the burning questions that you have. Sign up for this FREE 1 hour on-demand webinar and we’ll address these questions such as: • Learn the Who, What, Where and Why • Who is the audience? What does the chatbot do? Where does it live? • Why chatbots are much easier to deploy than apps • Unique opportunities in developing a chatbot that can thrill customers • What are the challenges and pitfalls with building bots • What are some examples of chatbot use cases • Mistakes to avoid-learn from those that have been there • Why the first message from your bot is the most critical and what to say • How to personalize your chatbot • Development best practices • Machine learning vs Deep Learning • What is a quick & easy way to develop, test, and deploy a bot across all messaging channels • How bots can work in tandem with your existing technology • Step by step case study Featured Speaker: Anton Prakash Founder & CEO of RedTie CEO, EphronTech CTO, NorthCapital Chatbot development team focusing on financial services, customer service, energy, healthcare Enterprise work experience with GE, PG&E, Gulf Air Lives in San Francisco Bay Area ON-DEMAND

When Thu From October 12, 2017 to
October 12, 2018

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
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