Cryptowerk is the leading provider of trust verification solutions for industry leaders that are transforming their organizations with digital business initiatives. Cryptowerk’s Enterprise Blockchain Enablement Kit is an SAP Certified solution that integrates easily with any public or private blockchain and enterprise applications to provide instant verification of digital transactions at massive scale. Built for complex, high-volume applications, Cryptowerk accelerates blockchain transactions up to 80,000 times faster, while decreasing blockchain transaction costs to a fraction of their typical cost. Cryptowerk’s SmartStamp™ technology uses only “digital fingerprints” and never transfers any sensitive data, meeting the strict requirements of even heavily regulated industries. Led by former SAP executives and experts in cryptography and enterprise software, Cryptowerk is being proven today in demanding, high-performance organizations at some of SAP’s largest customers. For more information visit Blockchain enables companies to perform and verify transactions in a network without the need for a central authority. A) Single shared ledger that is tamper-proofed. Once recorded, transactions cannot be altered B) All parties must give consensus before a new transaction is added C) Eliminates paper processes, speeding up transaction times and increasing efficiencies Blockchain enables new business models across industries: - Automated compliance - Tamper-proofed transactions - Immutable life cycle management - Connected insurance


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