DOCYET is a digital and innovative assistance solution that helps people in a foreign environment to find the best healthcare options available. A lack of language skills or local knowledge is often ending in an insurmountable obstacle within the emergent ambulatory health-care case for travelers or migrants. How do I find a doctor who understands me? How do I explain my symptoms and my disease history in a foreign language? How does the local healthcare system work? Two main characteristics that make DOCYETs approach unique: > Using a chatbot - it’s always available, accessible for everyone from everywhere and easy to use. Like asking a friend. It is always there for you, speaks your language and helps in bad times. Going beyond general bot systems like Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant, we are focusing on a specialized bot in healthcare and respond to the increasing demand for automated (self-)services. > Using artificial intelligence - combining the patient's profile and the context he is in to generate the best recommendation. Our solution uses self-learning algorithms which recognize relevant information within the conversation and enriches it with the given master data of the patient's profile, data from insurance companies or healthcare providers, and local data on available medical services and smart infrastructure. The combination of all these data leads to the specific recommendations that improve on user feedback over time.



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