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Dotmatix takes the pain out of developing complex applications for IoT devices. Using our web based drag and drop interface, you can create and deploy simple or very complex applications in hours or days rather than weeks or months. Before deployment, you can step through your application using our online device emulator. Our products can be used on Wifi, 3/4G or Ethernet connected devices and we support ISM wireless devices. Our platform can be used just for deployment and management, or you can use Dotmatix as your complete IoT platform. The deployment process also creates your own web interface. Current applications based on Dotmatix include craft brewery fermentation control systems, remote internal combustion engine fault insertion, weather station monitoring, electric motor control. Dotmatix have developed a new way of monitoring and controlling the fermentation process of beer in breweries. Without putting any extra sensors in the tanks, the Dotmatix system provides users with real time temperature and present gravity readings, which can be viewed anywhere on a tablet or smartphone. Since you can remotely set the temperature of fermantation vessels, you need not visit your brewery at weekends for example, giving you an appreciable time and cost saving. Our "Fermentation Monitoring Dashboard" gives clear readings for any number of vats, and our "Brew Diary" system captures all data from a brew graphing it as it comes in. Users can add notes and other information and then create a report which can be kept for future analysis of each individual brew.

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