Fountain empowers people to save and invest for their life goals...whether its a trip around the world, a first home or just for a rainy day. We're launching with our Facebook Messenger Chatbot which gives free goals based financial information. Dann and Nishil launched Fountain after realising that investment advice hadn't adapted to the needs of the smartphone generation. By bridging smart people with new technology, the team at Fountain is committed to solving this problem. Meet the team We're a growing team of developers, economists, designers and marketers. Team photos and bios coming shortly. Goals matter We're better with our money when we have a goal in mind. That's why our personalised investment plans revolve around your goals. Whether it's a first home or a trip around the world, we'll get you there. Investing should be for everyone By combining smart people with new technology, Fountain is making personalised investment advice more accessible than ever. Here for the long run Your investments should change as your life changes. Whether it's a first home or your retirement, we’ll help you invest towards life’s many milestones. Happy to help Intelligent chatbots and friendly experts. Investment plans that revolve around your lifestyle. Start with a £10 investment and low fees.



London, England
United Kingdom

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