About is your company customer support virtual advisor, introducing auto replies and Artificial Intelligence into the interactions by text with your clients, increasing your service level and reducing your costs with staff Bot + human messaging in one great platform INTEGRATE Incorporate into your Email/Whatsapp/Messenger Account. TEACH Teach VISOR to interaction using Artificial Intelligence. START Launch your virtual advisor and let it do some magic! MEASURE Check all metrics with our powerful dashboard Automate Commom Replies Easy to set up based on your interaction history. Enhance Customer Service It is faster to reply to your customers and thus may leave them more satisfied. Save Resources Don't waste resources with repeated questions and focus on what really matters. Analytics See how is your relationship with customers through statistics. Smart Our system can learn alone based on the new interations using Artificial Intelligence. Chat 24/7 Visor is always available and replies to your customers in seconds.


Avenida Casal Ribeiro nº28 Lisbon, Portugal
8º floor


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